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by C. H. Chamberlain & Archibald Johnston

By thy rivers gently flowing, Illinois, Illinois,
O'er thy prairies verdant growing, Illinois, Illinois,
Comes an echo on the breeze.
Rustling through the leafy trees, and its mellow tones are these,
Illinois, Illinois,
And its mellow tones are these, Illinois.

From a wilderness of prairies, Illinois, Illinois,
Straight thy way and never varies, Illinois, Illinois,
Till upon the inland sea,
Stands thy great commercial tree, turning all the world to thee,
Illinois, Illinois,
Turning all the world to thee, Illinois.

When you heard your country calling, Illinois, Illinois,
Where the shot and shell were falling, Illinois, Illinois,
When the Southern host withdrew,
Pitting Gray against the Blue, There were none more brave than you,
Illinois, Illinois,
There were none more brave than you, Illinois.

Not without thy wondrous story, Illinois, Illinois,
Can be writ the nation's glory, Illinois, Illinois,
On the record of thy years,
Abraham Lincoln's name appears, Grant and Logan, and our tears,
Illinois, Illinois,
Grant and Logan, and our tears, Illinois.

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A Few Surnames...
Name Count
Bickers 73
Boldrey 25
Bruns 20
Drury 46
Ensley 24
Farr 12
Foulk 51
Groen 23
Groves 144
Halloran 27
Holloran 21
Kilgore 37
Linnemann 36
Meyer 52
Richards 38
Schwolow 20
Sill 40
Smallwood 95
Tate 62
Taylor 54

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